Climb one of the highest peaks in Africa, or other challanging moutains in Tanzania.

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Bike Tours

Bike around Kilimanjaro or from Kilimanjaro to Pangani/Zanzibar within a certain number of days set.

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Cultural Tours

Visit various cultures with in Tanzania, such as the Chagga People, the Maasai, etc.

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Visit various National Parks with in Northern Tanzania, such as, Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti National Park, Tarangire National Park, etc.

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Beach Holiday

Visit the world famous beaches of Zanzibar, also know the culture and history while you have a wonderful time on the lucious beaches.

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We break new ground on the slopes of Kilimanjaro and offer three categories of mountain tours, which differ in service and price.


Have you ever asked yourself why a waiter, a dining tent, tables and a 3-course menu is necessary on the mountain? What type of climber are you:

  • All-Inclusive
  • McClimb
  • Reinhold Messner Style


You get luxury: Land Cruisers to drive to the gate, a beautiful lodge, 4-stars-food in the mountain and a waiter and you can give 12 kg to the porters. TIP is included: The payment of the crew: Porter 14USD/day, cook 25USD/day, Guide 35USD/Day and you get our Money back warranty.



You get a very good service: Mountain food (Ugali makes the porter strong and the climber also), you drive with mini busses to the gate, you sleep in a nice hotel with Kilimanjaro view, you can give 10kg to the porter.


Reinhold Messner Style:

Messner did it without porters but you get them! All is the same like McClimb except there is no dining tent, no table and no waiter! You sit on a stool in front of your mountain tent for eating or inside the tent. And cold water is also good for washing…

But with all the services, you get:

  • An experienced and fun crew with good equipment
  • A day for preparation before
  • VAUDE Mountain tents Mark III
  • VAUDE waterproofed bags
  • Transfers to and from the National Park
  • National park fees for the climbers and crew
  • For every two climbers a guide with licence is joining the group

We have a TALA licence, are listed as tour operator (www.tanzaniatouristboard.com), we pay the crew according to the law of the National Park, no porter carries more than 20kg.