Who are the founders of Chagga Tours?


Chagga Tours was founded in 2005 by mountain guide Michael (Mike) Nelson Ntiyu from Tanzania and investor and hiker Christina Helbig from Germany.


Mike has successfully guided more than 300 groups to the summit of Kilimanjaro (he has stopped counting by 300). In 1999 (Mallory and Irvine Research Expedition), we believe him to be the first black climber who climbed Mt. Everest all the way to the North Cole (7010m). Mike understands the problems that confront climbers and makes their welfare first and center, helping each mountaineer to the summit within the bounds of individual limits.


Mike is originally from Marangu a Chagga Village where he grew up and in touch with the Chagga traditions of his people. He has transformed himself into a multicultural communicator, easily travelling between his and Western culture with a good command of the English language.


Christina Helbig, after two successful Kilimanjaro climbs, became very impressed with Mike’s leading and decided to build a tour company with him. Christina was also interested in the local culture. Tours are offered other than mountain treks. They feature instead the cultural achievements of the Chagga, namely the irrigation canals, which seem to flow uphill (built hundreds of years ago), and the terraced cultivation of plants in the Chagga farmlands.


Her baby was also the event KiliMAN, which began also in 2005. Being one of the toughest and very successful Adventure Challenge.


In 2012 Christina retired from the company and all operating are now in the responsibility of the Tanzanian partners, Mike Nelson and Mehboob Sadiq.


Why Chagga Tours?


Experience: Chagga Tours has experience of guiding and providing satisfaction for over 11 years. Our main outcome is to have the best customer satisfaction and ensuring client’s safety on any tour.


Location: Chagga Tours is located in Moshi, at the foot hills of the mountain Kilimanjaro. Moshi has the most spectacular view of the Mountain.


Crew: Chagga Tour’s crew consists of the Chagga People who are native to Mount Kilimanjaro. Their daily job is to go up and down the mountain. You won’t be in much safer hands than the Chagga People. Mike Nelson is not the only Main Guide, but we have many more well experienced Guides trained by Mike Nelson and Kilimanjaro National Park with a valid licence for guiding groups. Each Guide is carefully trained, ensuring that he can lead a group of climbers up and down the Mountain. Each Guide is carefully trained by Red Cross with First Aid Skills, in case of any emergency, they can provide basic medical attention.


Tours: All itineraries are flexible and can be tailored according to the client’s needs. Ensuring maximum satisfaction based on the client’s goals to be accomplished.